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Sunday, 16 July 2017


The Dax needs to form a lower high below 12700


it was disappointing for bears that the last 2 weeks saw no follow through,but there is a decent tail on last week's candle so we could see weakness next week. 7440 is the critical level

gold needs to do a lot of work next week to turn this bearish  weekly candle chart round.

Dow Jones Industrials

the Dow spent months trying to break 18000.On Friday it finally hit 21600,which is the next Gann level higher on the square of 360 (think 1800 + 360 =2160,or 5 x 360 to 6 x 360)
216 is also 1.5 x 144

Now we need to await confirmation that Fridays bar was an exhaustion (which,of course is by no means assured,merely a hypothesis) At the end of Feb there was an exhaustion bar followed by an inside bar and the signal would have been to short the break down below the IB low

arrows on the chart mark reversal bars

Saturday, 15 July 2017

thanks to Rider Bobo for this

Voters who live in the heartland and outside the New York-D.C. media bubbles do not care about the legacy media’s obsession with Russia.
An Iowa radio news director emailed CNN media reporter Brian Stelter, out of all people, on Thursday to tell him that conservatives in his state are “very angry” at the legacy press because they think the media are using Russia stories to “oust” and delegitimize President Donald Trump.
“They think the Trump/Russia deal is a coup attempt by the media, and don’t think there is anything to the Russia/ Trump, Jr. emails,” Robert Leonard, the news director, emailed. “They don’t understand why the media is trying to oust our duly elected president. They think there is a double standard — why isn’t anyone investigating the Clinton campaign/Russia connections? They are standing firm behind Trump.”
According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that “there exists a campaign to delegitimize” Trump.
Reporters who have gone to working-class areas in states like Pennsylvania (“Trump’s Supporters Aren’t Abandoning Him in This Pennsylvania Town”), Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky and even Tennessee (“In Trump Country, Russia Scandal Doesn’t Resonate”) have all reported similar sentiments.
CNN, though, keeps focusing on Russia even though one of its anchors, Alisyn Camerota, said on Friday that she was actually experiencing Russia “fatigue.”
A Media Research Center study found, for instance, that Camerota’s CNN morning show New Day spent a whopping 93% of its airtime on Wednesday on Trump-Russia stories.

SPY ending diagonal pattern complete ?

final exhaustion ? I will be watching for  reversal signal this week

Friday saw a pop out of the upper bollinger band